Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

This winter could be more disastrous especially to your health. The dry cold air that’s seems to be more pronounced is a big threats to healthy living. A unique way to maintain balanced of humidity at home could be defined by Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier. The host of allergens can multiplied within a space of time, that’s why you need to take a preventive measure than hoping to seek for cure in the course of time.

Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

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We cannot say the cool mist ultrasonic Vornado unit is the best in the market but we are certain you will get the utility you desired.

Let’s quickly look at some of the relevant aspects of the vornado ultra3 below.

Product Description

While there are lots of expensive humidifiers out in the market, the Ultra3 Whole Room unit is given at an affordable offer. Remember before you buy this version, consider the coverage area you want to add mist. This vornado vortex humidifier only work better in area of not more than 600 sq. ft. Any higher deviation from this specification then look for a product of a higher range.

The simple out of the box unit is an attractive device and portable enough to carry. Don’t worry if you have space problem in your room, the ultra3 is space saving and having less weight should in case you think of carriage purpose.

Set your humidifier running for a whole day releasing up to two gallon output all from a 1 gallon water capacity tank. With the help of an electronic humidistat you can control almost accurate humidity level you want in your room. The 3 speed fan will also be useful if you want the mist to be delivered slowly or fast, all you need select low, high or auto as you may desire. Keep it in mind that low speed will produce less noise and higher speeds tend to produce more noise. So the best time to go with high speed fan should not be during bed time.

The room or office type humidifier will last your for years with its strong built materials component unless you decide to change your unit.

Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier


  1. It uses vortex circulation to humidify up to 600 square feet area.
  2. Push button controls with LED light.
  3. It comes with 1 gallon water tank capacity.
  4. 3 fan speed settings (low, high and auto).
  5. An electronic humidistat for humidity regulation.


  1. Excellent performance ability.
  2. It’s easy to operate
  3. Responsive humidistat which automatically determine moisture output.
  4. 5 years warranty.
  1. It can be noisy when running out a high speed.
  2. Some users face difficulty trying to insert the tank.

The Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier is cost effective, provides automatic moisture control, coverage capacity of about 600 square feet, 3 speed control and others. Take advantage of the Vornado vertex circulation to humidify your indoor air and breathe better air today.

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