Opolar 3.8L Ultrasonic Review – Top Fill Humidifier

Here is the Opolar 3.8L ultrasonic humidifier review for those looking for a top fill humidifier. This table top mounting or floor humidifier comes in a basic that offer easy operation with reasonable features to enhanced it’s functioning.

The top filling cool mist humidifier is designed to humidify a whole room whether large living or bedroom spaces. You can rely on the Opolar humidifier with its large capacity water tank to providing you mist to moisten the air you breath at home.

Not all humidifiers comes with essential oil container which you will find in this top filling ultrasonic humidifier. By adding essential oil into your humidifier, your indoor air will add a refreshing and aromatic fragrance to your environment. The dual filter system prevents airborne pollutants from entering your home air preventing you from host of health issues.

Opolar 3.8L Ultrasonic Humidifier

Features Details

  1. A dual filter system; silver ion and carbon cartridge.
  2. Top filling water reservoir.
  3. Nozzle for mist distribution.
  4. 3.8 gallon capacity with wide opening.
  5. 400 square feet coverage area.


  • Its basic and easy to use essential oil humidifier.
  • Easy to clean humidifier.
  • Very easy to refill, no need of removing the tank, it has a large opening that lets you put water without hassle.
  • 24 hours run time.
  • Automatic shut-off when water level is low.
  • It is ideal for home and office use.


  • No digital system
  • Kindly change filters within two weeks depending on usage.

Customer reviews on Amazon are very interesting on the tabletop whole room opolar humidifier. For instance, cleaning is a breeze. Instead of using harmful chemicals you can easily use your hand because the tank has a wide opening that will accommodate your hands.  With its essential oil usage makes it an outstanding unit that eliminates the need of getting separate machine for both use.

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