Top 5 Best Wood Stove Steamer Pots Reviews & Buying Guide

Over the years people have been weighing the option of installing wood stoves in their homes, considering the increase of fuel price, having to heat the home for winter is also quite expensive. Unlike fire wood on the other hand which is on the cheaper side and even free if you don’t mind doing some handy jobs.

There is no better comfort like getting cozy and curl up comfortably when you get enough heat in a cold winter.

Compared to fossil fuels, If the firewood is harvested in a sustainable manner, it is renewable. It helps to improve forest health as well.

Wood stove steamer Pots have become very essential in every home, because they help to boost the moistness or humidity in the home and also help relieve different ailment that comes with the winter season like; sore throats, chapped lips, and very dry skin which are caused if homes are dry heated.

Lets take a look at our top wood stove steamer below:

The Top 5 Best Wood Stove Steamer Pots Reviews

5 Cast Iron Bear Cub Wood Stove Steamer

One feature that you would admire about the Cast Iron Bear Cub wood stove steamer is its twin bear cub design playing with each other that makes this steamer quite attractive and one reason why this steamer is perfect for use for everyone is because it helps to add moisture to cold air. This quality wood stove steamer is considered as the best alternative to making use of electric steamers as it is very effective, reliable and also helps to save cost and you would also fall in love with this steamer as it produces the best decorative accent when placed on your wooden stove. Thanks to its porcelain enamel finish, you are rest assured that this wood stove steamer remains resistant to heat and its large capacity also makes you relaxed and not worried about the water drying or running out.


1.    Good looking design which makes it attractive

2.    Works as expected


1.    Fails in creating steam

4 Ruby Lotus Top Woodstove Steamer

Specially designed to humidify and freshen up the air in your home, the Ruby Lotus top woodstove steamer is a steamer that you can rely on anytime and any day and one advantage that comes with making use of this steamer is it helps to add a touch of color to your stove therefore making it look more attractive. Its durable cast iron base helps to fight against rust and chipping while its black baked enamel design helps to retain heat and stay resistant to heat and it also boasts of a 2.2 quartz interior which would hold a large amount of water needed for steaming.


1.    Great quality product which works and looks good on any stove

2.    Well designed to add humidity to any room

3.    Sturdy construction makes it durable

4.    Arrives well packaged


1.    Quite difficult to hang onto the lid using a hot pad and this could lead to accidental fall and shattering of the lid

2.    Another gets delivered than the color advertised

3 Woodeze Home Indoor Decorative Wood Stove Cast Iron Humidifier 2 Quart Satin Black Filigree Steamer by John Wright

When it comes to adding or bringing or improving the humidity in your home, the Woodeze home decorative stove cast iron humidifier steamer is all you need as it features the size perfect for smaller wood stoves and for better results all you have to do is add mint leaves or cinnamon sticks to the water to freshen and spice up the air. However, it is necessary for you to know that this steamer isn’t ideal or healthy for water consumption and you are rest assured that making use of this humidifier steamer ensures that you would not be getting a replacement anytime soon as it boasts of a porcelain enameled cast iron construction which guarantees durability for long lasting use.


1.    Nice weight as it isn’t too bulky and also comes with an attractive look

2.    Great delivery service

3.    Works great and looks great too

4.    Great finish with no chips

5.    Sturdy construction guarantees long lasting use


1.    Water doesn’t boil or get hot enough

2.    Small size affects productivity

2 John Wright Log Cabin Steamer

The John Wright log cabin steamer is another effective, dependable and reliable steamer that you would come across today on the internet and if you are the type that loves nature and outdoor then this quality John Wright log cabin steamer is all you need. Made using cast iron, maximum durability is guarantees as this John Wright cabin steamer would last for a long time and thanks to its inside and outside porcelain finish, you are rest assured that this steamer would not chip or rust. Making use of this steamer helps to freshen up every room and you will fall in love with the fragrance that it brings and it also works exceedingly well when used together with potpourri.


  1. Can be used as a gift item for anyone
  2. Great detail and cool design
  3. Works as described
  4. Looks and works beautiful


  1. Poor packaging as enamel arrives chipped
  2. Doesn’t come with its base
  3. Not durable enough as it always has coating and rusting issues

1 Pine Cone Wood Stove Steam Kettle Rust Resistant Solid Cast Iron Matte Black Enamel Finish Decorative, 2.5 QT Capacity, 11.25 L x 9 W x 6 H

Well designed to hold a large amount of water, the Pine Cone wood stove steamer is suitable for aromatherapy with potpourri is added to the water and it is also one of the long lasting and durable steamers that you can make use of today as it boasts of a heavy cast iron construction which ensures it endures high temperature retains heat even though it is empty. One advantage that comes with making use of this steamer is it is quite easy to clean and resistant to rust even on the outside and inside thanks to its porcelain enamel finish and it is also well designed to produce healthy puffs which helps to make the air and its surrounding very comfortable for you.


  1. Works nice with decent details
  2. Nice finish and retains heat better than expected
  3. Can be used as a gift for anyone
  4. Well designed not to spit out water
  5. Good looking design which makes it very attractive


  1. Still tends to rust after few weeks of use
  2. Doesn’t steam water quickly
  3. Fragile looking handle which makes one scared to grab by the handle


Final thought

Just like the way the some electric humidifiers release warm mist, wood stove steamer pots can. From the list of these items reviewed, most of them have similar features but different designs. Even their prices are almost the same, so deciding on a particular one won’t be easy but be remind, they all do the same work of releasing steam.  Choose wisely!

Since steamers are always hot when doing their work, it is advice to keep them away from where little children can touch them. And also make sure you don’t use ordinary hard in opening the lid or carrying when you want to refill it if the unit is still on the stove.