Best Whole House Console Humidifier Reviews And Shopping Guide

What’s the view in getting a whole house console humidifier installed in your home? In several occasions, different questions have been asked concerning the portable and the console humidifiers. Both units are considered to be portable.

While the portable humidifier is ideal for single room usage the console can also serve the same need. In reality, the console are bigger in size, some come with casters wheels to facilitate easy mobility due to their bulky design within a house. While the portable units are effective in delivering moisture in a room, the console type can actually be use to humidify an entire house which also make it a console whole house humidifier.

Even though it is seen as a whole house system, it cannot be installed into the induct furnace system but works on it’s owe as standalone humidifier – no installation cost required. A console whole house humidifier delivers mist faster than the portable ones but usually have higher price tag. In view of the above analysis, we have selected some best console humidifiers here for consumption.

Top 5 Best Whole House Humidifier Reviews

The reviews of each item consist of consumers report about the humidity (other user’s comments)

1. AIRCARE H12-300HB Review

The AIRCARE H12-300HB Review

To enjoy invisible mist in your home, consider having the AIRCARE H12-300HB whole house console humidifier. This console is ideal for space area of 3,600 sq. ft. With its easy to refill 5.4 water holding capacity, the Evaporative unit provide up to 11 gallons of water in forty five hour.

Operating and cleaning this unit is a breeze which saves you time to attend other important activities. The caster wheels allow the Console-Style-Whole House to be transported with ease changing location.


  • A 4 speed moisture control system available for your needs.
  • It comes with a 3,700 humidification area.
  • Its digital screen display let you can view humidity levels.
  • The evaporative humidifier uses a super wick filters to trap down airborne allergens.
  • With its large tank, this unit runs up to 2 days of providing humidity.
  • It comes with filter check and refill indicator.
  • It has an automatic humidity level setting for balance of room moisture.

This console humidifier can do the job perfectly with the above features but some consumer reports contradict one of the features of this AIRCARE H12-300HB that the tank can’t take up to 5 gallons instead two and half. Also, the machine produces loud noise when on 3 or 4 speed fan settings. You may also want to find additional consumers reports on Amazon by using the link below.

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2. Essick Air 4D7 300 Whole-House Review  

Top 5 Best Whole House Console Humidifier Reviews

During winter when indoor air is colder and drier, breathing can be difficult and itchy skin may be the order of the day. Using a console humidifier such as the Essick Air 4D7 300 can help eliminate dry indoor air.

Those living in a home of up to 2,700 sq. ft can consider this Whole-House Console to be the best choice. It comes with a high end wick filtration system to ensure you have a clean indoor air. Its variable speed control settings allow you to choose the speed at which you want humidity to fill your air.

When you buy the Essick Air, filling your take won’t be a problem because it comes with 2 water bottles and refill digital display that will inform you when to add water to them. Other outstanding features are stated hereafter for your consideration.


  • This machine releases up to 13 gallon output of water daily.
  • Ideal for space of up-to 2,700 square feet.
  • It quality filters traps down agents that are dreadful to health.
  • It is equipped with two bottles featuring refill hose that makes it easy to put water into the bottles.
  • Automatic shut-off when water level is low.
  • Back up with two year product warranty.

The digital display unit won’t produce much noise when on low speed settings. This makes it a nice humidifier for your night sleep. You can rely on it to provide you high quantity of humidity within some minutes but it’s a bit expensive and bulky for those who don’t like big things or limited space.

However, you will enjoy the running of the machine if you truly know the features of what makes up a good console house humidifier equipped in this item.

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3. AIRCARE 4DTS 300 Review

Another console humidifier to consider is the 4DTS 300 AIRCARE from Essick Air brand. It is built to add humidity to a house of up to 3,600 square feet. Fully equipped with multiple fan speed up to 9 settings you won’t find in most competitive units.

With its touch screen digital functioning, makes operation of the 300 AIRCARE a breeze. Just like the AIRCARE H12-300HB model, this 4DTS 300 comes with a 5.7 gallon tank capacity to deliver mist that can last for up to 48 hours.

With this machine, you don’t need to adjust humidity level manually, the variable speed humidifier automatically determine indoor humidity and adjust it for balanced of moisture output.


  • 48 hours of run time.
  • 9 speed control settings.
  • Digital screen touch settings.
  • 7 water reservoir.
  • In-built hygrometer.
  • Self regulating humidity control function.
  • Self shut-down when desired humidity level is achieved.
  • Caster wheels for easy transport.

Among the whole house console humidifier discussed so far, this is the only unit that has built-in hygrometer – this device determine the level of humidity present in the air so that the humidifier can adjust it to meets home requirement. In addition, touch screen settings makes operation easy. Since this most console humidifiers uses filter like the Black Trim 4DTS 300, you will have to change filters when due and this increases maintenance cost.

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4. Holmes HM3501-U Console Humidifier Review

Whole House Console Humidifier

The next unit is the HM3501-U model from a well known manufacturer the Holmes. This brand has been in the industry for years and has outstanding products of high ratings by users. So you will not be mistaken if you decide to make the Holmes cool mist console humidifier a choice.

For 24 hours humidity enjoyment, the Holmes Whole House is able to release cool mist air in a coverage area of up to 2000 square feet.

Bacteria free air is assured using the Holmes machine because it comes with a filter that has an antimicrobial protection that prevents growth of mold and bacteria in tank. Equipped with wheels that enable you move it but you will be the one to install the wheels yourself.


  • Manual humidity settings.
  • It runs up to 24 hours
  • It comes with antimicrobial protection treated filter.
  • Float valve that indicates water level.
  • Back up with a 6 year limited warranty.

This is not a digital screen display moisture releasing device. It has no automatic humidity control or shut-off functioning. Consider refilling this unit after twenty four hours of running. Not minding the cons, this unit works effectively in providing moisturizing air.

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 5. Bionaire Whole-H Console Humidifier Review

Bionaire Whole-H Console Humidifier

The Bionaire console humidifier is another whole house humidifier that won’t disappoint you for the needed moisture required both at home or in the office. Simple design and ease of use humidifier comes with a long lasting filter that will serve you for about four months before thinking of replacing it.

With 3 digital comfort settings just like the previous ones, you can determine the speed at which you want humidity to be release into the air.


  • Twenty-four of humidity distribution.
  • Digital control and Three comfort control settings.
  • Lasting filter included.
  • Adjustable humidistat.
  • Has no casters but relatively weightless to carry.
  • It comes with handle which make refilling stress-free.
  • Runs quietly – ideal console humidifier for night sleep.

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Console whole house humidifiers are portable type of humidifiers that can be use to humidify a whole house or large room. These types are bulky but comes usually comes with caster wheels to facilitate their movement.

From the list of items analyzed here, hope you can find a nice unit that will work well for your need. Check each specific feature for wiser decision. Wish best of luck as you pick your best!

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