Dehumidifier Placement -Where in The Room?

Placing your dehumidifier in the right place will enhance its efficiency so that you enjoy the best of its performance. Dehumidifier placement can be done in various locations.

As someone who know a little tech about this machine, would love to tell you some of the best place in your room to place your dehumidifier system.

Here are the top dehumidifier placement areas:

#1 – To allow flow of air around the dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers with top-mounted air discharged can be positioned against a wall. If this feature is not in your moisture extraction unit, then ensure making available plenty of space near the dehumidifier. Do not mount it against the wall or furniture. This is because better air flow will not make the dehumidifier as it supposed.

  • You can create a space of about 6 to 12 inches of air circulation around the sides of the dehumidifier.

#2 – Place the hose carefully

If you are to use a hose to drain the water from the reservoir, make sure the hose rest properly in the sink or hub so that it does not fall off. Regularly check to know if the hose is still in the right position and also draining water to the sink. Better still use twine to support the hose if it seems not to stay.

Caution this tips

  • The hose should be distance from electrical circuits and cords in order to avoid electric shock.
  • Possibly use a short hose because it’s possible someone trip over the longer ones.

#3 – place dehumidifiers distance from dust sources

Dirt and dust can interfere with the dehumidifier working mechanism. Keep the dehumidifiers from areas where dirt and dust are mostly found such as your woodworking equipments places.

#4 – Only run a dehumidifier in a moist room

The most typical place in the home where moisture is always found is in the basement, bathrooms and laundry rooms. These are the places to mount the machine to help draw out the excess moisture from the air. A dehumidifier can as well be used on a moored boat.

#5 – Place it in a single room

If you want to enjoy the best from your dehumidifier, try using it in a single room with closed doors and windows. It can be installed on a wall in-between two rooms. This may affect the decrease the machine efficiency while making it to over working.

#6 – Place dehumidifier at the center of your room

Some dehumidifiers can be place directly at the center of the room. The portable dehumidifiers are the perfect types for this position. They come in different models, choose one that can best fit into this location. When the dehumidifier is mounted at the center makes it perform efficiently.

#7 – Install your dehumidifier in your HVAC system

Larger types of dehumidifiers like that of Santa Fe models are particularly designed to be install directly in an HVAC unit. The installation of these versions is usually done with a duck kit.

Hiring an expert to install your dehumidifier in to the HVAC system will be a better option than doing it yourself installation.