How to replace Your Air Purifier Filter

You are using an air purifier in your house. Do you know changing air purifier filters have plenty of benefits? Then read this article  on How to replace your Air Purifier Filter provided here. We will also guide you on how to replace your purifier filter with ease.

How to replace Air Purifier Filter Types

Why you have to change air purifier filter

Decades ago people never had enough money to get these modern items, but now the reverse is the case as every home is able to buy some of the machines. And after buying the air purifier machine particularly they often encounter couple of problems which they can’t even solve themselves. Most times, whenever the air purifier breaks down their only thought is to replace it by getting a new one. However, this is not the right way because you will end up purchasing other new machines when they do the same. The great loss is that you will have to bring another good amount of money to get it replaced. Why you don’t think about preparing?

Almost all persons think that all these electrical items are too flexible and can’t be fixed or repaired. The truth, you have to go to dealers and talk with skillful people for solution because you think repairing is quite difficult and not worth it. Those who are able to repair the equipment are thoughtful. As a matter of fact, fixing the air purifier is not as hard as people imagine. You can sometimes do it yourself. Your air purifier filter is just like other equipments. There are many reasons which leads to the bad condition of the filter of the air purifier.

  • For instance, if we over use it, it may breakdown. Also, the filter is one of the most vital parts of the air purifier that helps to filter pollutants. It has to filter out and hold the pollutants inside the system to create fresh air. For this responsible, it’s easy for the air purifier to break down compare to any other part. In reality, the average life expectancy of the filter proposed by scientist is about six to eight months and after this period, it should be disposed.

Often time, frequent question ask by people how can they actually determine when to change the filter. This question has been the common and the simple answer depends on the filter replacement light indication. You can check your device light to know whether it needs repair or not. In any case, you have to purchase a new filter if you can’t repair. If your machine light starts to blink, it’s a sign which indicate you doing the right thing.

Additionally, it is recommended to change the Pre-filter after four or six months. These signs are divided into 2 groups:

Air Purifier Filter types

The #1: low speed showing lower speed of light, required you to change the HEPA filter.

The #2: medium speed tells you to get a new filter.

How to replace Air Purifier Filter: Step-by-Step

Replacing your air purifier filter is quite easy. No matter the gender both men and women can do it. Here are instructions and you will see replacing it is just like a piece of cake. For better air purifiers functioning follow the steps:

  • First thing to do is to extinguishing and dissemble the main parts of the unit.
  • Pull to open the white panel located in the front side.
  • Use warm water to wash the white panel and allow it dry.
  • Bring out the pre-filter, use soft clean cloth to wipe all the dust, pollen and allergies.
  • Ensure the filter is dry without letting it get contact with anything.
  • Be careful about the HEPA filter.
  • Now replace the new filter.
  • Last but not the least, use your tool to install and reset it.


Replacing your air purifier filter is not as difficult as you might have thought. The process is very simple. What you need first, unplug the air purifier and follow the instruction as discussed above properly. We hope this article was able to help you answer your question o how to you change an air purifier filter