5 Natural Ways on How to Purify Home Air

You worried a lot when outside while you have not notice what’s rooted in your house. The indoor air you inhale could be deadly to the outside one you are afraid of. You must be perplexed. Anyway let’s keep that aside after all they are the same air. In as much the air has been polluted, restoring it back should be the focus.

natural ways to purify home air

Before taking about the natural air purifier, lets quickly consider how to purify home air and the things to do in order not concentrate on things that don’t matter.

First, do not use excess paintings that releases VOC . It is good to meet your demand in creative design but what you may not know, too much painting silently pollute your home air. Just fill your canvas with the right colors; you don’t have to turn into a Picasso for your home decoration. In other words, let your taste be defined. If you can’t resist some interior touching, be sure to use low VOC.

Some other tempting thing to avoid is buying any type of floor cleaner or kitchen cleaner without reading through their label. It’s fun to explore supermarket but do not experiments any kind of chemical without a good knowledge of its component. It’s unsafe to your kids and even your pets.

Since we have been able to get you informed on things not to do, now is time to discuss the way forward to purify your home air naturally.

1. Salt lamp all the way from Himalaya

This is not ordinary lamp but one that contains crystal salts and a bulb inside it. The mechanism, when the bulb is heated, it releases negative ions which help to neutralized pollutant that may be present in the house.

These lamp comes in different sizes and shapes with rang of design. You can look for one that blends into your decoration. The warm illuminating light from the lamp to say is soothing and will provides a cool atmosphere. You can use it as night lamp in your children’s room. The Salt lamp all the way from Himalaya will quietly work to purify the room air and also doing other great stuff.

2. Beeswax candles

Most times, we buy the scented candles and overlooked the fact that these candles are made from petroleum jelly. This candle types contains life threatening chemicals such as the paraffin that are not okay for allergic patients. The pure beeswax candle normally burns without scent or smoke. Indoor air that’s free of smoke is tag healthier air to say. The candle mechanism is similarly to the salt lamp, releasing negative ions that get rid of particles sustained in the air.

Maybe the reason why people tend to buy the scented candles is because the beeswax is expensive but they burns slowly that’s a great pros. The fact is that you shouldn’t be discourage about the price, the overall benefits of purifying the air in your home is utmost needs.

3. Natural air purifier

Couples of scientific methods to get the purest air at home like that of the house purification plants designed by the NASA scientist. The houseplants terminate unsafe chemicals by using activated carbon. However, there are other simple and natural means to keep air clean and that is quite effective with fewer expenses.

We can cut down the volume of appliances that emit heats and dangerous chemicals. We can as well plant indoor trees that would clear your home air with provision of shades and creating an attractive interior. Aside from these ways, you can purchase ceiling fans and set up heat blocking windows treatment in your home.

4. More green to make your air clean

You and I know that plants releases oxygen that naturally acts to purify air. However, recent researches on selected samples of plants were discovered that certain plants can absorb some heavy harmful elements such as benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene etc. These plants include peace lily, Boston fern, snake plant, Golden Pothos, English Ivy etc. that if when grow in the house will help to purify air effectively.

5. Bamboo charcoal or Moso bags

The charcoal is well used in the early days and seen as one of the most effective solution purifiers used all through the years. In modern days, it has been refined into beauty products. The truth is that charcoal has been tested to clear air responsively. The moso linen air bags we used at home contain high density of bamboo charcoal. It eliminates moisture, bacteria plus other allergens and destructive elements. The moso bags locks the harmful materials in the pore. The bags can reuse. All you need do leave them under the sun some time. You can visit Amazon and other popular online stores to see variety of the moso bags.


If you want to purify home air naturally, any of the natural air purifier share here will help you achieved that. We hope this article was rich enough to provide you the right information.