Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier Review

One of the best germ free humidifiers on the market is the honeywell cool moisture humidifier. This machine is also one of the best humidifier for nasal congestion you are likely to find on most online and local stores. The review of the germ free unit is to educate you on what this item entice should in case you need a germ free machine for nose congestion, allergies and asthma symptoms.

 honeywell cool moisture humidifier review

Amazon’s customer’s reviews pertaining to this item has a positive trend.  It comes with an ultraviolet technology which kills mold, bacteria, viruse and fungus that lives in the ordinary water up to 99.9 percent. This cool mist is believed to be good for large rooms or even in you’re a baby nursery beds. One amazing thing about the germ free cool mist is that it automatically adjusts the mist in your air according to your bedroom moisture levels.


  • QuietCare technonlogy.
  • Three speed settings.
  • Uses wick filter.
  • Provides moisture that relieves dry air.
  • 24 hours run time per filling.

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  • Quietcare Tech works quietly than other humidifiers
  • Has a 1 gallon water tank capacity and can last up to 24hrs.
  • It doesn’t change the temperature of the room.
  • The humidifier tank is very easy to use and clean using the safe dishwater.
  • No condensation water around the base of the unit or anywhere else.
  • It helps to get rid of dry skin, scratchy throat and sinus problems.
  • You can rely on the cool mist in the protection of your home plant and furniture.


  • The item is a bit big in size.
  • Ideal for small and medium rooms sized.
  • It uses filters, so you will inquire extra cost of purchasing filters.
  • Once the humidifier is not “turned on” the filter should be removed from inside to get dry out.

In summary, this germ free is the best for home use. It is also safe for kids and doesn’t much energy which will save you bunch of money.

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