The Best Way to Enhance Your Air Purifier’s Life Expectancy

Owing to variouss activities of man, air pollution increases daily. This has a great negative impact on public health. Every blessed day people, especially married women look for what to do to restore the situation. They have opted for various machines, still like no improvement. And since there is not significant improvement in the surrounding environment, they to buy an air purifier machine which is specifically designed for cleaning indoor air. Although scientist has conducted lots of research in various machines in quest of determining their ability in air filtration, the result is not as good as they thought.The Best Way to Enhance Your Air Purifier’s Life Expectancy

Purchasing an air purifier is a wise decision. This machine can help save a good amount of money because it can replace other appliance like the fans or air conditioner. In the course of man’s constructing and renovation activities, the environment is gradually getting hotter and hotter. Generally, during summer people get discomfort as result of heat. They face many ill problems relating to the season. Many of the population wish they can get a machine that will protect them from various diseases that may be present in the air. Many air purifiers have been created to meet human demand. Air purifier is of two basic types such as the one with or without moisture system. And if you already have an air conditioning unit installed in your home then getting an air purifier with no humidity is better. Otherwise, you can support your home with the moisture model. This version will help you suppress heat thereby providing a fresher indoor environment to live in.

The air purifier has various functions:

Air Purifier’s Life

  • First and foremost, it can eliminate harmful agents from your home such as dust, bacteria and mushroom bringing pure living space. An air purifier will be useful in getting of smoke sign especially in your living room. Also, that awful smell from foods, after cooking that often makes you feel uncomfortable sometimes. Air purification system will eliminate if from your air. Finally, you can be preventing from lung cancer usually caused by smoke using the air cleaning machine.
  • Secondly, air purifier will take less space than other machine
  • Additionally, air purifier will serve as a decorative item in your living room. They are very attractive and modern built engineered innovation.

The working principle of air purifier is very simple. It’s simply designed to absorbed things from the air such as dust, chemicals or odor of foods and drinks etc. With the HEPA technology in it, the air purifier is able to absorbed nearly 99% of air pollutant. Furthermore, the fan inside it will help put an end to heat especially at summer.

Air purifier machine is a good choice for any home but as a result of its filtering pollutant, it can get damaged easily. This is the main reason why we need to do some things to lengthen the air purifier lifetime.

How to enhance your Air Purifier’s life expectancy

For the air purifier to function efficiently, you have known the type you want so to maintain it very well. Air purifier normally comes in two model, the filter and electrostatic.

The Electrostatic

how air purifier works?

Most users see the electrostatic as the most costly thing in the machine. They nurture the belief to pack the unit off if the electrostatic fail to work. Hence they don’t have to do that because it can be repair and fixing cost is cheap and does not involve difficult process to be fixed. One of the basic things to do is to clean the plate with water at least once every week. If there is plenty of pollutant then it will be very dirty depending on its capacity of collecting contaminate. Hence, we have to anything possible to protect it. Cleaning it is the best way. Most people are sometimes lazy to get it washed on regular basis because they feel it’s unnecessary. Frankly speaking, a clean plate will make the air purifier work better.

The electrostatic has two filter layer which are the pre-filter and the carbon to make it work efficiently. The first prevents tiny particles from the plate. This part is very important and so you should not change it regularly. The other one which is the carbon collects dangerous factors and should change after six months.

The air purifier with 3 filters

 Air Purifier 6 stages filter

The air purifier is design with pre, HEPA and the carbon filter. This air purifier type is commonly known globally. Many loves this one but come with plenty filter than the electrostatic air purifier. As you choose to buy this one, just remember also your task to maintain three filters will increase. You can simply clean the pre-filter instead of getting a new one to save money. This part has the responsibility of prolonging the time of HEPA.

Closely to the electrostatic version, the filter air purifier has HEPA filters that can trap tiniest things. For this reason, replacing the HEPA part is very costly. So in you have to change it bear in mind of the money you have to bring out. Focusing on this part and wiping it every day is the best way to maintain its life expectancy.

The last but not the least filter is the carbon part. This help to absorbed chemicals and smell. The Carbon filter is small in size, which must convert more often.


Air purification machine can help you create a breakthrough in cleaning your home air. With this air purifier’s life expectancy information, we believe you can get more information about the kind of air purifier you want. Better still, you can inquire more about how to enhance your owe air purifier life expectancy. Our advice is that you should think carefully to know the one you want. Hopefully, the machine will not disappoint you as you may have thought instead will enhance your indoor air leaving you with a good environment to live in.