Top 3 Best Humidifier on the Market Reviews

In this post, we are going to look at some best humidifier on the market.  Although there are lots of best machines available on the market, it is not possible to discuss all of them. Because of this, we have come with 3 selected items from 3 brands such as the Beneco, Holmes and the Sunptown unit. We believe with a short researched list and review will facilitate easy decision instead of having a large list. Where to buy any of these products is also provided should in case you want to purchase one.


BONECO Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7135 Review

Adding humidity to home is beneficial but getting the best machine is another factors. In as much we love to buy almost everything we want, we must try to be practical in doing this. Reading is the only medium that would get you informed and knowing about what you want is the only way to choose the best. Before buying humidifier check the coverage area, know whether you need machine with filters or without filters, room size, and automatic features. For more information to choosing the right humidifier, read the humidifier guidelines here because we want to continue with item review below

Top 3 Selected Best Humidifier on the Market Reviews

1. BONECO Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7135 Review

 Best Humidifier on the Market Reviews

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It is not only big foot print that means heavy price tag but small foots with robust features could mean the same. The beneco machine is a pricey item with amazing features to ensure that the air you breathe is free from bacteria and airborne infections. Small in size but has water tank up to 3.5 gallon capacity that will last you for more than 24 hours  and humidifying area of about 600 square feet. The warm or cool mist is optional; choose from both settings to sooth your needs. With this ultrasonic you don’t need a hygrometer to measure the humidity levels in your home; it comes with automatic humidistat that does it.

The digitally display device, have no filter to wash, instead a dematerialized cartridge that prevent the released of minerals substance into the indoor atmosphere. When the filter is properly taking care of, will last you, but should be replaced after a period of 3 months. It also comes with a hydro cell that uses activated carbon to make sure no bacteria escapes and keeps your air refreshing. To maintain the highest quality of water, exchange the hydro cell every month depending on the quality of the water you have.  For comfort sake at night, the Beneco cool mist ultrasonic humidifier whisper when in operation. This machine will be right fit into your baby room as well. On the market, beneco Cool or Warm Mist is an item that speaks volume; here is the specification of the products.


  1. Has a coverage area of 650 sq. ft.
  2. Uses de-materialized cartridge and Hydro cell.
  3. Digitally display machine.
  4. It comes with built-in hygrostat.
  5. Optional cool or warm mist.
  • Automatic humidity control hygrometer.
  • Good for large room humidification.
  • Silent mode operation.
  • Safe mist to breathe with the help dematerialize cartridge and hydro cell.
  • It is every expensive.
Final words

The 7135 is portable and light weight, sturdy, works silently and does it works pretty well. Ideal for either medium or large rooms sized. Cleaning and maintenance cost is low and digitally equipped to meet your needs. The tank is very easy to refill but the cartridge should be changed every three months.

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2. SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual-Mist Warm/Cool Humidifier  Review

SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual-Mist Warm/Cool Humidifier Review

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The SPT SU-4010 is another best machine on the market reliable to provide mist to relieve dry itchy skin, dry nose and throat lips with an ION filter.  Just like the Beneco 7135, the 4010 SPT is also provides dual (warm or cool) mist which are optional to select. If you are living in a home of up to 500 square feet, the Warm/Cool Humidifier will make your breath easier. It comes with 2 split nozzles for wider spread of the mist. The handle makes it easy to carry and controls are easy to use. With a translucent tank you will able to see the quantity of water in the machine. To make your home bacteria and other infection free, a ION exchange filters helps to dematerialize and treats the water to removes magnesium and calcium from hard water.

When you are using the warm mist mode, to know whether the unit is actually on warm mist mode, turn off the machine after 10 minutes, lift the tank and then feel it with your palm.


  1. The 4100 delivers both warm and cool.
  2. ION exchange filters.
  3. It comes with bi-directional nozzles.
  4. Has a fan.
  5. Design with a coverage area of 500 sq. ft.
  • No filters to replace.
  • Easy to carry with handles.
  • Two mist nozzles for wider coverage.
  • Some customers complain about it leaking water but not attribute to other of the items.
  • Switching from warm mist to cool mist takes a while.
Final say

In comparison with the beneco, the SPT SU-4010 is less expensive, has dual mist outlet this means wider room coverage and handle to facilitate its mobility.  But the SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual-Mist is not a digital machine, it uses knob which are easy to operate. All these same, this still fall among the best humidifier on the market that won’t disappoint you.

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3. Holmes Ultrasonic Filter-Free Humidifier, HM2610-TUM Review

Holmes Ultrasonic Filter-Free Humidifier, HM2610-TUM Review

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Here is the HM2610 Holmes Ultrasonic humidifier which is the third item on the best humidifiers review on the market. This does not mean it is the least performing machine. For people dwelling in small medium rooms, this is an exact match due to space convenient. You can place the HM2610-TUM on your tabletop directly at center of the room to enjoy mist that can neutralize harmful effects things which are associated with dry air. The cool mist unit has no filter, this eliminate the cost of buying, cleaning and replacing filters. Feature a great tank that holds up to two gallons of water per day and will carry you up to 24hrs. With a rotating nozzle, you will enjoy a circulating cool mist all over the room. An empty tank indicator will let you know when water level is low.


  1. The unit comes with variable mist options.
  2. It is a 1.5 water tank capacity machine.
  3. Holmes Ultrasonic is designed with a rotating nozzle.
  4. It is filter less and run for 24 hours.
  5. Infuse with antimicrobial protection.
  • Light weight for convenient mobility.
  • Have circulating mist in your atmosphere.
  • No filter to use or change.
  • No bacteria or mold build up in the water tank, antimicrobial protection handles it.
  • This works well in small medium room specification.
Final thought

This is the least expensive item here on this page after the holmes HM2610-TUM. Has good amount of features every machines of its price tag has.  Low maintenance required since it does not use filters that can increase the cost of running a humidifier. The bottom line you will enjoy the mist the holmes filter-free unit provides.

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Overall Conclusion,

So far we have gone through the reviews of the selected best humidifiers you are likely to see in local or online stores. Each of the product description, advantages and disadvantages were examined. Though the prices differ like their features. So whatever type in this list that suits you, maybe the best for you. However none of the humidifiers uses filters so you should choose wisely in-respect to other similar features they have in common.