Best Humidifier for Dry Skin Reviews And Guide

Looking for the best humidifier for dry skin? This article will guide you on the reviews of best type of humidifier for dry skin. We will also look at dry air vs. humidifiers and dry skin vs. humidifiers. In addition, warm vs cool mist humidifier for dry skin is also available on the list of our humidifier reviews for dry skin individual.

However, by following this guide you can determine what best humidifier can help you keep a moisturize skin. Our best whole humidifier guide is also here for your consumption as you go through this post.

Humidifiers Vs Dry air

 Best Humidifier for Dry SkinStudies have shown that dry air affects the human body system in four major areas. Firstly, people who breathe dry air have high risk of developing respiratory illness like asthma, bronchitis, nosebleeds or sinusitis. This individual body tends to dry out due to depletion of  body fluids as they respire.

Secondly, dry air is a known factor responsible for people skin drying out, these people are likely to experience dry itching eye and irritating skin. Thirdly, air that is dried lacks moisture which is referred to as low humidity; this may results to many discomforting ailments. Static electricity which can lead to metal shock is one of the annoying experiences from dry air.

More so, most times, people feel warmer or cooler than the normal reading from their thermostats. This happens because the moisture presents in the air influences people’s sensing of temperature. The good news, these problems can be solve by maintaining relative humidity indoor. Sometimes, natural method such as water in bucket, bathtub or wet towel can be use to add moisture.  Other friendly devices can be use to raise humidity level such as a humidifier, steam and vaporizers generators.  As a rule of thumb, the lower the temperature in your house, the faster RH levels would be attained. So it’s good to know the correct humidity level in your home by using a hygrometer.

How Does Humidifier Help Dry Skin?

Honeywell QuietCare for Skin Dryness

Dry itchy skin is common among people during winter. During this period, the climate is generally cold; this leads to low temperature, low relative humidity levels and strong and harsh winds.  These changes can reduce moisture output of the skin layer and thus cause dry itchy skin.   More so, people are force to turn on their heating devices in winters to find comforts. However, the dry air, emitted by these systems adds up to draw moisture away from your skin.

Here is the question, can a humidifier help dry skin individuals? Yes, a humidifier for dry skin can help. To able to restore your soft skin back, you need to add good amount of moisture to your dry skin and eyes using cool or warm mist humidifier for dry skin as recommended by doctors to their patients.

If you are living in arid, dry climate where relative humidity level is low or you fond of using heating furnaces during winter days, cool mist humidifier for dry skin is what you need to keep your skin lubricated.  Your skin will be moisturized when moisture level is up to 30 % but if indoor air is heated by your furnaces, moisture can drop up to 10%, which exposes you to dry itchy skin.

The advice here, in winter weeks, add a dry skin humidifier to your room and shut the door and windows to retain the moisture within. To achieve this, you need a good humidifier, below is a list that will guide you, in the getting the best humidifier for dry skin.

Best Humidifier for Dry Skin Reviews

1. Honeywell cool mist for dry skin Review

Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier, WhiteThe HCM-350 Honeywell is able to release required moisture  and its ideal for medium room size.

The cool mist for dry skin feature two gallon of water reservoir for easy carrying. In addition, the big water reservoir is break resistance and also comes with a safe dishwasher, so it is convenient and easy to clean this unit.

This model from the Honeywell  brand uses advance UV technology that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, spore and fungus that lives in water. So it releases no polluted mist into the air, which is practically good for allergies and sinusitis sufferers.

With a Quietcare technology, less noise is produced even when on the highest settings. Thanks to an antimicrobial treated filter that helps to trap minerals and particles from the water. I bet you will love the auto moisture regulator settings which automatically regulate moisture output. We recommend it as one of the best humidifier for sinus and allergies.


  • QuietCare Technology.
  • 3 speed settings.
  • Wick filter removes impurities.
  • Runs up to 24 hours each filling.


  • Good for medium rooms sized.
  • Germ free technology destroys more germs, molds and spores in the water.
  • Safe dishwasher and antimicrobial treated filter


  • Does not shut off automatically.

This Honeywell cool mist works efficiently, delivering moisture that will moisten your skin. Its runs silently, good for night time sleep.


 2. TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Bedroom

TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifiers for BedroomThis is a dual mist unit, cool and warm mist and it’s a perfect unit for bedroom. You can select any of the mist type with a just a press of a button while you enjoy the mist being released into your air.

The warm mist is good for sinus problems, sore throat, too cold weather etc while the cool mist is perfect for hot weather which is essentially good for babies’ room.

By choosing this Taotronics means you will enjoy vaporize mist all over your home through its dual nozzle that rotates 360 degree. Here are remarkable features of this humidifier:

  • LED display.
  • Filterless
  • 360 degree nozzle rotation.
  • Personalize humidity settings.
  • Humidity sensor

When you purchase the Taotronics, it will eliminate the need of washing and cost of replacing filters. Since it deliver both warm and cool mist, you don’t need to buy two separate units which make it stand out amongst others competitive unit. You will also enjoy low maintenance cost as an ultrasonic humidifier.


3. Honeywell QuietCare 3-Gallon Tower Humidifier6

Honeywell HCM-300T QuietCare 3-Gallon UV Tower HumidifierThis is a table top designed unit ideal for large rooms, small rooms and office use. The unit comes with 3 gallon tank which can carry you for up to 24 hours. With its quiet care function, this machine runs without disturbing your peace especially during the night.

You can adjust humidity level from its 3 fan speed settings to meet your personal comfort. You don’t have to bother the growth of germs in the unit water tank as it features antimicrobial protection which discourages bacteria and germs. Other features include:

  • Evaporative mist
  • Uses filter
  • Quitecare technology
  • Three speed fan
  • 24 hours run time
  • Humidity adjustment

Pros and Cons

This is perfect room humidifier for dry skin as you can carry easily from one room to another. And also low maintenance cost unit but you will need to replace filter as when due.

4. TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier Upgraded Version

TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifier Cool MistThis is another unit to rely on who which can deliver cool mist to sooth dry skin individual. With it micro-porous cartridge you will have a free microorganisms and odorless air to breath.

While you run the UP graded Taotronics, you can set desired humidity level without over humidifying your home.

It comes with over 1 gallon tank capacity which will last you up to 15 hours even through the night providing cool mist for your room. Additional features in this unit are:

  • Mist level control
  • Sleep mode
  • Built-in timer
  • Rotatable nozzle
  • Ultrasonic (doesn’t use filter).

If you think of getting this unit, ensure you empty the tank before refilling the tank each time and never try shaking the tank when it is working. Last but not the least, ultrasonic unit are generally quiet which make this unit a perfect choice for baby’s too.


5. Honeywell QuietCare Humidifier for Skin Dryness Review

humidifier reviews best for dry skinThis is another Honeywell humidifier you can also consider for dry eyes, itchy skin and sinusitis problem. If you are living in a home of 2,300 square feet and you are having dry air. The machine you need is this QuietCare for Skin Dryness. It comes with 3.5 gallon dual tanks, easy to refill and clean right from the wide opening top.

A device that features 3 moisture delivery settings, will lets you adjust relative humidity to meets your needs. Unlike other competitive models that create noise, Honeywell cool moisture works with a minimal sound. With this advantage, we say the console is also good for baby bedrooms.

The pre-filter readily holds dust and pollen that do present in your water and the antimicrobial filter at the same time restrains the movement of algae, bacteria and molds.

For better performance, you advised to mount the console unit on a ceramic or non-wooden surface. You will find this humidifier helpful to sooth your dry eyes and to eliminate winter dry air.


  • Multiple output settings.
  • Adjustable moisture control.
  • Dual water tank.
  • Automatic shut-off
  • QuietCare technology


  • It creates less noise.
  • Germs free good for allergies ailment.
  • Has a large tank opening for easy cleaning.
  • It runs for 24 hours each refill.
  • Energy efficient tested.


  • It’s a bit expensive.

For sinusitis problems, dry air indoor, dry eyes and itchy skin, you can rely on this Honeywell HCM-6009 Cool Moisture Console Humidifier.


6. Vicks Warm Mist for dry skin and flu Review

best type of humidifier for dry skinRelying on the vicks warm mist for clean steam vapor in your home air could help you get relief from flu, dryness and other symptoms of allergies.

For you to have safe mist in your indoor air, the Vicks boils the water to kill health threatening germs such as molds and water breeding organisms.  With this ability, symptoms of cold and flu with significantly disappear from your rooms. Has a 1 gallon capacity of water that will last you up to 12 hours.

No noise pollution, it whispers quietly. To eliminate fear it will shut off by itself when water reaches the minimum level.  The two comforts setting on this vicks humidifier will let you control moisture output as desired.



  • Has 1 gallon tank.
  • Run up to twelve hours per filling.
  • Two comfort settings.
  • Automatic Shut-off


  • Whisper quietly.
  • More than 96 percent bacteria free.
  • Amazing glowing nightlight.
  • Medicine cup is use to creates medicated vapor.


  • Design for single room usage.

In conclusion

Warm mist humidifier releases steam vapor, good for flu and cold problems. For people living in small space apartment, the steam vaporizer is a choice. Above all, Vicks Warm Mist for dry skin and flu is less expensive.

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Final thought

Winter causes dry air, and dry air leads to dry skin and lots of health disorders. Respiratory issues such as lungs ailments may result from dry air because the body lacks moisture needed for breathing, when this happens, you are force your lungs to breath.

If you are living in dry climates region, you will probably experience dryness, getting a humidifier can help resolve moisture. We believe by now from the lists of the best type of humidifier for dry skin discuss here is able to guide you to picking the best humidifier for your dry skin.