Best Humidifier for Babies Reviews and Guide 2017

Top 3 Best Humidifier for Babies Reviews

In the market you will see lots of humidifiers for babies and each brands claims their product is the best. We’ll not disclaim that but rather let you see some of the best humidifier for babies in close range.

However, on this page you’ll able to compare them, see features, pros and cons.

For you to choose wisely, you need to get familiar with relevant aspects of what makes up a good humidifier.

What should you consider?

Check the coverage area, which is very important. There are whole house humidifiers and portable humidifiers.  Some of the portable humidifiers can be use in small medium rooms while others are designed for larger rooms.

You will also need to consider whether you want a filter or filter less humidifier. Humidifiers with filters may require extra maintenance cost while those without filters require just little cleaning.

Other things to consider include, automatic features, water tank size and run time.  However, to purchase the right humidifier for your baby, you can go through our top reviewed babies humidifier below

Top 3 Best Humidifier for Babies Reviews

1. Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier HM495 Review

Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier HM495 Review

Here is holmes ultrasonic system that will serve you the mist required to relief problems usually caused by dry air. The HM495 will carry through 24 hours in just one filling of the 1.3 gallon tank capacity. Variable humidity control is at your reach when you make this ultrasonic a choice.

With auto shut-down settings, you need not to worry on what happens when water falls below the normal level because the machine will turn off once the tank is empty.

Where ever you want it, use it for both homes or offices but make sure the room should be small medium size. This Holmes filter-free can help eliminate dry air that’s responsible for sinuses, dry skin etc.


  1. 1.3 gallon tank capacity
  2. Filter free operation
  3. Automatic shut-off
  4. 24 hours run time


  • It is convenience to use.
  • No replacement parts.
  • Good pricey.
  • No mold or bacteria build up.


  •   Refilling is done after running for 24 hrs.

This unit is affordable, the antimicrobial protects prevents bacteria and mold growth inside the tank so that you don’t breathe in contaminated air. It also space saving, you can mount it on your desk or table top.

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 2. Vicks VUL520P Mini Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews

Vicks VUL520P Mini Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews

For those looking for a mini table humidifier, the VUL520P from Vicks is one humidity adding device to look out for.  Small and portable to carry and can also fit into your travel trip. The most important aspect is the cool mist air your baby needs to be in comfort and sleep fine.

Your baby will also love its silent working mode at night. Select from a different mist speed as required by your babies comfort.  The 0.5 gallon reservoir runs the cool mist up to 10 hours when filled to the peak.


  • 20 hours run time
  • Not expensive.
  • No buying of filters.
  • 0.5 Water capacity.
  • Variable mist controls.
  • Auto shut off when empty.
  • Uses Vicks VapoPads.


  • It won’t produce noise.
  • Low cost of maintenance.
  • Good for baby rooms.


  • It’s best for small rooms or office.
  • Only provides cool mist.

The Vicks filter free unit is a small item, best for small rooms and will occupy little space. Cost of maintain it is minimal and no replacing of filters as long this item is concern.

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3. Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier EE-865 – Penguin Review

Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier EE-865 - Penguin Review

Increasing indoor humidity using Crane Adorable Ultrasonic will let you enjoy healthy mist air required to breathe better, sleep cooler and relief congestion effects.

The Crane antimicrobial feature is proven to destroy bacteria, mold that do breed inside tanks etc. up to 99.96%. The 1 gallon tank is detachable and offer easy refilling and cleaning. Crane cool mist is ideal for rooms of up to 250 sq. ft. in size.

The portable humidity machine does not consume energy and delivers soothing moisture through the use of ultrasonic technology. If you have a baby or you are suffering from nasal congestion, flu and cold symptoms, you will need to try this item because it just so reliable. In addition, Adorable crane do not require filters to start functioning.


  • Don’t have filters to operate.
  • Cool mist.
  • Automatic shut-off.
  • Whisper quietly.
  • Pediatrician recommended.


  • Smaller, not bulky.
  • Small tanks mean fresh water in each refill.


  • Smaller reservoir means you have to refill often.
  • So far, some reviews by customers actually said it do produce a bit of noise.

The Penguin is not too expensive, has robust features every unit of its kind has. It will carry you for twenty-four hours of run time providing mist. No filters, this eliminate the struggles of washing it.

Caution, do not use water that contains mineral deposits instead look for distilled water to avoid white dust and stains.

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Final words on humidifiers for babies

We’ve successfully review these items with view of you picking the best baby humidifier. Each of the products has its own pros and cons; this should be a point of reference in choosing the right humidifier that would work for your baby.

Remember dry air adversely affects your skin, not to talk about the young skin of your young ones.   The only way forward in getting dry air eliminated is by humidifying your baby’s room, so we advise you start running a humidifier in the baby room.