Air Purifier vs Ionizer: The differences

Are you having challenges with your indoor air? But you are confused whether to buy an air purifier or an ionizer. Off course these two items are good recommendations for any home to have. Maybe you don’t have enough money but you are thinking which one to purchase. This article shared here on Air Purifier vs Ionizer: The differences will enlighten you on each of these indoor machines that can be used to enhance indoor air.

Presently, economy development is causing a great amount of environmental pollution daily. This is not only affecting man’s life but the weather inclusive. For this reason mainly, the ozone layer is rapidly degrading causing the weather to become more hot and harsh on human existence. You and I know the summer month is generally hot that people can hardly endure. Furthermore, winter also has its attributes on the environment getting cold or even frozen. This will not only affect man, your animal may die. To overcome this state of affairs, many often sort to buy new machines that can help them dodge from the climate change. In addition to maintain a fresher indoor airs.

Healthy Air: Air Purifier vs Ionizer

Air Purifier vs Ionizer: The differences, Healthy Air: Air Purifier vs Ionizer

The good news is that both air purifier and the ionizer machines can provide these demands. Both items can keep the normal required house temperature as well help to filter pollutants from the indoor air. Moreover, the functioning of these air device will protect you from all form of allergies such as dust, pollen, pet dander, fungi, smoke and similar agents. The ionizer and the air purifier can also prevent dreadful factors that can lead to serious disease like that of cancer or lungs. The resemblance features of both machines makes people confuse. Hence, how can you distinguish between air purifier and the ionizer air cleaner?

The air purifier

The Air Purifier

The working principle of the air purifier is totally different from that of the ionizer. The air purifier allows air to pass through its filter system which will hold the pollutant like dust or smoke. This characteristic can delete your consciousness of inhaling dust in your home that can cause inauspicious effects, especially your children’s health. Additionally, if you are someone who raises pets, there will be no more worry about fleece moving around in your home. With advanced technology put into this air cleaning machine, this tool will lets you get rid of up to 99% of contaminate, plus other smaller and large size things. Its function effectively prevents pollen, dust or smoke from coming into your house from outside.

Though the air purifier filter does not have the ability of that of the HEPA filter yet it has the strength to block bad agents. If you can spend a good amount to buy an air purifier equipped with carbon filter, it will help throw out the waste from the plate. If not washing the air purifier regularly will be the only option to avoid not purchasing a new machine within a short space of time.

The Ionizers Air Cleaning Machine

The Ionizers Air Cleaning Machine

The ionizer will also do the job of filtering indoor air. Ions from the machine are disperse to gather together negative factors which can cling to your home furniture, ground, walls and other properties thereby inducing fresh air. As well, some of version of this machine can be connected to electricity to hold the microbes.

Drawback of Both Machines

Even though the mechanism of the ionizer and the air purifier is incontrovertible, yet both have its limitations. The air purifier system just releases the dust depending whether you are using the mechanical or the electrostatic system. Different air pollutants discarding into the home, so they pass through the air purifier. In addition, both products comprise irritants which are dangerous to our respiratory organs. Also the running of these machines can cause a significant amount of noise. Sometime both unit can make people unable to sleep at night and thus influences people health status. In many case many cannot withstand the noise created by the purifier and the ionizer. Then it make them insomnia patient. It continues on and on. Their household has no option than end up buying heater and fan to replace these machines. So it is very important you learn about the one you need before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

At this junction, we believe this article on the Air Purifier vs Ionizer: The differences have able to help you learn more about both items. And now you can distinguish one from the other and the one which you think is suitable for you to buy. Apart from focusing on the price of the air purifier and the ionizer, there are others things worth knowing as many only consider price as the only thing. Above all think carefully either of which that meets your demand.