Air Purifier vs Air Cleaner: What are the differences?

Are you thinking of buying a machine that will enable you improve your indoor air? Or maybe you are trying to decide whether to purchase an air purifier or an air cleaner machine. That’s a good attempt. Both items will help to enhance your house air effectively. We don’t know exactly what your demands and why you need either of these machines. But we will love to share with you in this article, the Air Purifier vs Air Cleaner: What are the differences?, so that you can decide if you need an air puffier or the air cleaner by learning about these two products.

air purifier vs air cleaner


The truth is that the air purifier or the air cleaner works in the same way. The air machines are used to eliminate contaminant in the home. Due to their similar functions, it is difficult to differentiate both machines. If we based our thought in the physical appearance and working principle, our categorization will be wrong. To distinguish them, we should have a little knowledge of the kind of pollutants each collects first.

Air Purifier vs Air Cleaner: Contaminants

When compare the air cleaner vs the air purifier, the two items have the quality of being able to discarding the smallest contaminant to bring in fresh air in the home. Both products can get rid of cigarette smoke up to the size of 0.00 microns and other larger size of pollutant such as plant spore and pollen.

Also, if you raise pets, your pet dander will no longer be your fears. You can trust in their ability. With their air filtration ability, fleece will be stopped from flying around your home. Your family members as well don’t have to fear of allergies that are caused by pet’s dander. Your children especially can sit on the floor or play around without you being conscious of them contacting bacteria and germs.

In addition, the air purifier vs the air cleaner will work to provide your household good sleep. As side from the indoor pollutants, you can put these equipments to work to prevents foods and drinks smell after cooking.

Both the air cleaner and the purifier have filters and it is the most important parts. The two devices have 2 air filters or more each. With this feature, it is very easy to know which one is the air purifier and which is the air cleaner by the filter concentration.

Types of Air Filters

air purifier filters

Carbon filter is the first type, which works together with the HEPA filter to achieve a better outcome. The carbon filters react with any chemicals and assimilate chemisorbent and contaminant to neutralize them. With its supports makes the air filter last longer.

The second filter is the ion and the ozone filter. Most people do see it as a filter even though it has similar function of preventing air dust. This one cannot filter the pollutants. It only grapples them in the walls of your house.

The third type is the electrostatic one. It’s has no power to filter contaminant just like that of the ion and the ozone. This one adds the ozone to remove the contaminant from the air. Hence this item is not a good recommendation for homes having people with respiratory related problems. The great benefits, it is washable,

The fourth kind is the charge media. This works similarly like the electrostatic filter. It uses the filter without plate. Therefore, you will have to change the charge media after a short duration. The outstanding news about the filter is the ability to collect the tiniest microbes.

The Pre-filter is the fifth one. The air cleaner and the air purifier can’t use this one because it is too big compared to their body. Commonly machine with big body uses this pre-filter.

Last but not the least, is the HEPA filter. This is a high quality filter. It has the power to clean up to 99.9% of indoor dust. It is advice to be used in larger space.

Types of Air Purifiers

The air purifier is divided into three groups. The first on is the whole house air purifier. This one plays the role of the normal machine. It is very expensive to acquire and installing it require skillfulness. The drawback, it cannot be move just like others models.

The whole air type is the second one. This offer convenient and its cheap. More so, anyone can use this type of air purifier because it’s very simple. The disadvantage is that it cannot filter air without you.

The last is the portable air purifier. This provides plenty of functions required such as the light, features and optional. Just like the other two discussed above, it has it’s owe shortcoming. It can only be used for a single room.

In Summary

With this article, we believe you have gathered more information and knowledge about an air purifier vs air cleaner. So you have the discretion to know which the best is for you home.