What Causes Allergies?- 5 Things Responsible for Your Allergies

What causes allergies has been linked to numbers of factors. Among these are the notable one like winter and pets. Winter allergies are things many people cannot control due to inability to control nature as no one can stop it from coming. Allergies gotten from other sources for instance pet’s dander can be easily be controlled.

Researchers have studied and had opined that that about 40% of the world population will experience allergies at one time in their life time. This is true even if you say you don’t want raise pets to avoid allergies trigger. What about the dry winter air that is uncontrollable? You can answer that question yourself. Many think sometimes if they can avoid allergies activation by engaging in different things in their day to day life.

What Causes Allergies

The most common allergy symptoms that anyone is likely to experience are stuff nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing and they can make anyone to feel weak and tired. The answer is simply yes. Nevertheless, before you plan on changing your routine to prevent allergies it is wise you know what actually the cause of your allergy. It is worth knowing if it’s worth the hassle or not. The under listed and discussed things may be the responsible factor that trigger your allergy attack which you may not know.

1. Pollen, 2. Dust Mites and 3. Mold

The above listed things are commonly known for most allergies suffered by many people. Various factors influence the levels of these things on regular basis. You will be more likely to suffer from allergies if pollen levels are high around you. The best way to prevent these things that causes allergy is by staying indoors and also dusts home items properly and to clean frequently. And if you go outdoors, make sure you bath or shower as soon as you back home. This will help wash out any unwanted particles like dust or pollen which may hang on your body or clothing.

4. Genetics

No matter how much you expose yourself to pollen, dust or similar substances that triggers allergy, the allergies you are experiencing may be due to genetics. If two or more people are in the same conditions, at about the same time, one person or more may have a severe symptoms to the other because it’s in their blood. There is nothing you can do to avoid this from happening and so you can thank your parents for that. .

5. Low Immune System

You may end up suffering allergy at different months of the year if your immune system is very weak to fight off the allergies. The immune system weakness can be caused by couple of reasons. If you lack vitamins and minerals your body immune system will lose its strength and will no more be active to withstand allergies and plus other infections or viruses. In addition, your immune system may be ineffective referable to metal stress you might have subjected yourself. Metal stress can make some physically weak and cause someone immune to shut down. When this arises, your body immune functioning terminates. In order to restore your immune system back to normalcy again make sure you get plenty of vitamins, take healthy diet and keep off any stress related activities as possible.

Many study publications have been carried out and surprisingly, there is no one particular substance that has been proven to be the cause of allergies. In other words, allergies can be caused by any of the above listed things or a combination of lots of reasons. However, it is very essential to keep a healthy lifestyle. Some of the way to stay healthy is by having adequate sleep, and eating good diet and this will help play a very vital role to preventing allergy symptoms that you may not know indirectly.

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