Top 5 Best Fireplace Fan For Wood Burning Fireplace Reviews

Saving cost of heating bills every month through the use of fireplace fan for wood burning fireplace is a wise decision. Fireplace fan work the same way electric heating systems works because both helps disperse air.

Investing on wood burning fireplace fan will help you raise the temperature of your room thereby getting rid of hot and cold areas in the house.

5 Best Fireplace Fan For Wood Burning Fireplace Reviews

Benefits of having a stove

Wood stove fans on top of stove are easy to use and maintain. Hence they will benefits you mostly during wintertime. Here are some of the reasons to having this fireplace fan running at home:

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Top 5 Fireplace fan for wood burning fireplace

Ripping the benefits is only possible when you buy for yourself this gadget. Why not consider the reviews of some selected best wood burning fireplace fan to run in your home.

1. Caframo 812AMXBX Limited AirMax Ecofan Review

For those who want to replace their electric blower with wood stove blower can consider the AirMax Ecofan. Without electricity the 812AMXBX pushes reasonable amount of air you won’t believe. Simply put it on top of your stove as it heats up for the AirMax to start working.


  1. No need of assembling any parts, everything is already assembled for you.
  2. It doesn’t use power supply instead fireplace heat to start running.
  3. Moves air up to 175 cubic feet per minute.
  4. Pushes warm air evenly in the room.
  5. It whispers quietly.
  6. This unit is back up with two years warranty.

One of the users complains about it slowing down after 24 hours of spinning air even when the stove is still heating. However this may not be in the case of other customers.

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2. Ecofan Heat-powered Wood Stove Fan, GOLD ,175 CFM Review

I f you are living off the grid and you want to move some air in your corner. Ecofan is a unit that can help you with that desire. Remember hotness or coldness is not good, having a balanced indoor temperature provides comfort.   You can rely on a good stove fan like this Ecofan Wood Stove Fan. More details below


  1. It increases room temperature by pushes warm air to circulate up to 175 cfm.
  2. This stove is powered by heat like the one from a stove.
  3. It provides greater air flow even with a reduced stove temperature.
  4. No self assembly, straight out of the box use.
How it works?

It is simple to use. Place it on a wood stove as it heat up, the fan starts spinning propelling air. When the heat from your stove is high expect faster spinning and vice versa. So ensure the content of your stove doesn’t go out.

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3. 4-Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan for Wood Review

This is another fireplace fan that can still deliver air anytime. From its four blades, the unit is able to pull air throughout the room removing hotness and coldness spots making you stay in comfort.


  1. Fan blade made from anodized aluminum which prevents corrosion.
  2. The unit creates its power by the heat from a stove.
  3. No corrosion or rusting of components.
  4. Maximum operating temperature is 660 degree Fahrenheit; a higher degree can lead to the fan damage.
  5. It runs quietly.
  6. Strip metal base which raise the edge of the Eco fan to an extent as the fan approaches its maximum temperature.

For best practice, position this fireplace on smooth surface stove top near the back or side of the stove. You can also use a stove thermometer to measure stove temperature for efficient working of your fan.

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4. Fireplace Heat Powered Fan Review

Here is another heat power fan if you need to move warm air within your space. Increasing indoor temperature using the stove fan can help you remove hotter and colder spots. It is not that this unit is better than the previous ones but it is good you get to know this as well for wiser pick


  1. Save money paying for energy bills using this item because it does not required electricity.
  2. It uses heat generated by a wood burning stove of fireplace.
  3. Moves air up to 990 revolution per minutes.
  4. It works with a maximum temperature of 340 C.
  5. No noise creation which electric fans do creates.
  6. Only required dusting as maintenance tip. You can also add little oil to the fan blade shaft to keep it rotating smoothly.
  7. Built-in fire stoke indicator that alert you when to stoke the fire so that the fan don’t slow down.

This wood stove slows down when the heat from your fireplace or stove drops, monitoring it will be one major work to make it work efficiently.

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5. Midwest Hearth Eco Fans for Wood Stoves Reviews

The last nut not the least item is the Midwest wood stove from a respected brand Midwest Hearth.  It can help push air into your indoor just like other units discussed so far. Learn more about this fan.


  1. It creates its own powered without using electricity.
  2. It can be place on your stove top directly.
  3. It heats faster to move the required air across your atmosphere.
  4. It rotates faster as the heat from the stove increases.
  5. As your stove temperatures decrease, the fan slows down and shut-off by itself.
  6. It uses a thermoelectric technology to transform difference temperature into electric energy.

Compatible with:

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The reviews of this fireplace fan for wood burning fireplace is enable you to find a best wood fan.  They all have similar features and falls into close price range, so you have to choose the one that best fits into your space.

You should know since wood stove are powered by heat from a stove or fireplace, this means as your device heats drops, the fan speeds reduces. Checking from time to time using a stove thermometer to measure your fireplace temperature will let you know   when to stoke the heat up again.

As you use your wood stove fireplace, keep them away from children and also ensure to wear hand covers, this prevents you from burnt.


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