7 Ways to Prevent Mold Allergy

Preventing mold allergy is not a big issue. About 50% of children population suffers molds allergy. Some of the symptoms include sneezing, coughing etc. Another thing, severe form of mold allergy can lead to asthma and even lung disease which is life threatening.

Prevent Mold Allergy

Prevent Mold Allergy

This fungus can develop both indoors and outdoors. When this organism meets a humid environment, the fungus starts to multiply and thrive. Well the good news is that it is wise to prevent its growth.

Dangers of allowing mold growth in your home.           

Molds can enter into your body through breathing and finds way into your skin. That is when you are exposed to the organism can contribute to shortness of breath, headaches, watery eyes, dizziness or sometimes high fever.

Molds are also known to emit lots of mycotoxins that are more harmful compare to heavy metals. The mycotoxins contribute negatively on human biological systems. This occurs as results for these toxic chemicals to attack and influence our system. Not only that, it also produces high amount of toxins that suppress the body system.

In essence, mold causes lots of damages to your health and to your home equipments that you might not know. Getting rid of the out breaks of mold may cost you some fortune and time. so it is good to stop mold outbreaks.

Mold causes damage to your health and your property, too. Getting rid of mold outbreak may cost you an arm and a leg. It is a good idea to stop them from the beginning.

Steps to prevent mold allergy

1. Take the damp out

This method tells you to get rid of wet materials in your house. Mold can find their way under your carpet, pillow, clothing and furniture. The organism needs just drip of wetness for it to begin contaminant. You can also find them in your walls or behind your wallpaper. Sometimes grow in the basement, damp areas in the home. When you see dark tints around the home surface or moldy smell, these are some notable signs to look out for”

2. Set up moisture

Maintaining the right humidity level around 35 percent to 50 percent is ideal to fight molds development. But when there is high humidity, mold will multiply itself.

You can purchase a meter to measure your home moisture or simply install a dehumidifier in damp areas to do the job for you.

3. Fix the leaks

Consider fixing leaking pipes especially in your kitchen under the sink. Remembers molds are friendly to damp environment. You can walk around the whole house keeping an eye on the plumbing areas for any leakages. If any discover you can fix it or call a plumber to fix it immediately.

4. Protect yourself

When vacuuming or cleaning your gardening, ensure to wear a mask. Not all mask can protects your from breathing in mold spores. Choose a tested mold mask which can protects the lungs from airborne molds and at the same time prevents allergy symptoms. Also get a hand gloves to protect your hands and should be disposed after every usage. it will also be a plus to wear a fitted glasses because your eyes may start itching you when expose to mold.

5. Clean up carefully

You need regular cleaning is one principled key to prevents molds allergy. Washing your clothes, bedding in warm water of about 130 degrees F can help get rid of mold spores.

Throwing away old unwashed cloths items is also a nice idea to keep stuffy things out of your bedroom.

If you are allergy sufferer needs to be more careful when cleaning your home. If you don’t know how to go about it ask for help or meets an experts who deals mold problems.

6. Isolate affected areas

Since mold multiply rapidly, isolating areas intrude by the mold is an ideal step to avoid its dispersion. A quick measure will greatly protect individual particularly those battling with allergy. However if mold outbreak is not severe, all you need do is to dry up the place to prevents contamination.

For a serious case, always shut the door, to reduce their spread from area affected to the rest of the home. Then call for the help of mold professional to intervene. If you delay you may have to pay a cost putting in place for mold damages.

7. Kick mold outside

Warm weather and high moisture output favors mold germination. Small spores enter into your home in form of dusts, shoes and stains on clothes. If you are someone who loves working in gardening, be sure to change your clothes and keep your gloves and boot outside. Then shower before you go indoors.

Observing daily mold count is another tip. During mold peak period closed your windows and turn on your air purifier or air conditioner. If you are allergic to mold choose a pleasant day to g out. Also never stays too long in mold contaminated environments.

Taken precaution than looking for solution later on is a wise step is the best way to avoid mold issues. By not allowing mold around your dwelling place you will leave healthier and more comfortable.


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