Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan Review

If you are in need of a machine to keep your indoor air temperature comfortable during this summer, that’s a good decision. Just remember there are many products available on the market and it’s hard to select among the best. However, there is no need to worry on getting the right one at the right price and timing. The best we bring to your knowledge the Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan Review, the solution for the summer air restoration. With this lasko you can enjoy outdoor events when the atmosphere is too warm. The outdoor misting fan is perfect for use at barbeques, picnic and will even make you famous at your favorite sporting center. Design with a power bulldoze misting spray fan that will cool the air in your surrounding up to 20 degrees.

Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan Review

Product Details

Users that are looking for an outdoor fan that offer versatility can look no further than  as an ideal solution. With a low profile built, makes it sit balance to the floor, which reduces of risk of being knocked by anyone. A misting fan featuring a 6-foot hose which can be join to any garden hose easily and can be operate through the use of the shut-off valve, offering misting your air a faster.

In addition to maximum comfort, the lasko outdoor fan is package with louvers that have the power to swivel about 90 degrees insuring wide range of area is covered by cool mist air. Long-lasting is another specification else consumers don’t have to worry about as its build to serve you for years to come if properly maintained. The Lassko 7050 Misto is design to resist ultraviolet rays and is resistant to rust.


Durability nature

Made with heavy duty plastic that last long and resistant to both rust and UV rays making it ideal for outdoor use. With its ball bearing motor engineered, this will eventually stay for years.


The unit is equipped with a 3 prong plugs, an in-line GFCI and ETL approve for outdoor function.

No Hassle Cool Mist

Also Lasko mist 7050 comes with a 9-foot hose that enable you to connect it to any garden hose of your choice. The unit kit packaged with the Lasko mist is easy to detach without looking for extra tools for quick cleaning.

Versatile Cool Air/Mist

Furthermore, it has automatic louvers that can swing up to 90 degrees and 3 speed fans, providing a cool fresh air wherever you want it. It’s strong and efficient to cool air around your space up to 25 degrees, making it a recommended for outdoor events in hot weather.


Level of Mist

The mist produce by this unit is pretty heavy due to the coverage area. Therefore, endeavor to mount it a good distance from you.

High Calcium Carbonate Water

In a situation, where your water contain lots of calcium carbonate, you may experience white left-over once the mist is dried up


At last Lasko has finally successfully bring to outdoor comfort during summer. The Misto is a heavy duty misting fan which can be use in any outdoor activities and have also help people who usually absent themselves from outdoor occasion during summer to come outside. It’s very easy to operate, safe to use and functions as it’s has been designed to”.

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