Humidity and Human Health

Humidity according to Wikipedia is defined as the quantity of moisture present in the atmosphere. Water vapor is the gaseous state of water and it’s not visible. Humidity shows the probability of precipitation, fog or dew. High humidity decreases the potency of sweating in cooling down the body by decreasing evaporation rate of moisture from the skin.


Not only one person but everyone experience tiredness when there is a change in the humidity levels present in the air, be it an increase or a decrease. Starting from health down to your house, and others of your belongings will be struck by the changes in the humidity. However it is a necessity to protect oneself from the shift in weather and air humidity level.

Negative Effects of Low Humidity

The general ideal humidity level should be between 40-60% even though few experts conceive that it should be closer to 35 – 45%. It is widely know that low humidity is when humidity falls below 40% and this drop usually occurs in the winter months where dry air and cold weather manifest. This development can distort the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. It may look to a good time but you may just be wrong.

Dry air causes nasal congestion, dry throat dry sinuses and dry skin that make it difficult for them to lubricate. The resulting solution you will easily catch sinusitis or cold. Although during cold weather, mildew or bacteria including mold can’t grow, but it’s a favorable time for viruses to stay longer and you are expose to the risk of getting infection. Read more on how to keep right humidity level at home.

Negative Effects of High Humidity

High humidityThe easiest way to know if humidity has risen up to 60% or above is that it will affect your hair. For instance when you touch your hair it will be very frizzy, that’s a sign that the humidity is very high and this state will be uncomfortable. Why this happens is because too much moisture available in the air makes sweat from our body not able to evaporates faster as it’s used to in low humidity. In few words, the human natural air conditioner is broken down.

Negative effects of high humidity:

1. Effects on your health:

Relatively high humidity favors the survival of mildew and mold too rapidly. Since they cannot be seen with our naked eyes you may not know about their existence. And if only you can see them, you will probably don’t want to breathe anymore. If it happens that the mildew and mold are able to gain access into your body, high toxic may be caused by them which could affects your health. Even dust mites can multiply in high humidity as it favors their habitation because they can quickly develop. This is the reason why you frequently suffer from allergies couple with plenty displeasing symptoms which includes sneezing nose, coughing or cold. Those who are living in places that comprises greater amount of mold and bacteria will easily fall sick. Probably they might be life-threatening to your health yet it’s really a annoying. By having a dehumidifier, this device will draw out all water vapor present from you home air and bring back the clean and dry air you need in your living room.

2. Effects on your home:

All things equal, firstly your health and secondly your home. The premise indicator that you will able to recognize easily is the smell of cellar in your home where there is lack of air flow. To worsen the whole matter, high humidity will assimilate into any tiny hole in your house and can destroy your structure. The most serious aspect of it, the mildew and mold grow nourishing, they are able to climb up your walls and you will able to see them clearly.

Have ever imagine how they make chair or guitars? How is it possible for them to bend it without it breaking? It’s as result of the steam presence. The heat thus makes the wood structure to become weaker and very flexible to curve and this same scenario apply to the wooden furniture’s in your home. Just imagine that and now you’re able to understand the seriousness of the case.

Wet stains or peeling on your house wall are some of the signs that your home is occupied by presence of high moisture content and it’s a convincing signal that you have to find an emergency way out of the matter.

3. Effects on your wallet:

Remember your wallet is made from animal skin which is converted to leather; this material is highly sensitive with increased moisture. And if it has absorbed the humidity long enough, it will get spoiled. However to overcome all of this challenges, you have to spend plenty of money. And if you are also allergic to air, you will have to spend more money to heal it.

Final words

Hence, humidity can ruin people’s health, damages to your house and also increase budget money. However, whenever you notice presence of moisture affecting your health, growing of mildews or mold in your house, even if the signs are not yet pronounced, look for a way to discourage them.

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