How To Clean A Humidifier This Winter

Summers come and go and winter comes in replacement. The use of humidifier starts again unlike in the summer when we get to open our windows every night but instead humidifying our home becomes the order of the day because winter air causes many discomforts. Many people suffers from sinuses and throats problems including dry skin, nails getting dry and splitting and even poor hair condition due to dry winter air.

Humidifier uses is particularly to fight against dryness especially in wintertime. Other of humidifier benefit includes the following:

  1. The use of humidifier helps to alleviate cold, cough, and influenza, sinusitis, and allergy, nose bleeding and even symptoms of hay fever.
  2. It decreases static electricity.
  3. It improves the quality of air in the home which is mostly beneficial to asthmatic patients.
  4. It alleviates and prevents dryness skin, itchy skin and lips.
  5. It keeps air hydrated which encourages feelings of comfort in the home

How to Clean a Humidifier

Although humidifiers are of great benefit in the home but if not properly cleaned and maintained, it might end up posing serious problem to well being and health overall. Mold and bacteria can grow the tank system and eventually finds their way into your home air through the dispersed moist air. Cleaning and caring for your humidifier system is highly recommended as along you are using one.

How to Clean a Humidifier

Cleaning humidifier is does not required much time, so it is simple like you never thought. All the essentials needed for the job is what you already have in your home such as empty spray bottle, vinegar, water and cloth or old tooth brush and a sponge.

First Step:

Put all your tools in one place and prep your humidifier.

Unplug the humidifier from the electric socket and then remove the filter and tank. And if there is any other detachable part, also remove it

Second Step:

Get an empty spray bottle and pour inside equal portion of vinegar and warm water.

Third Step:

If there is water in the humidifier tan, then empty it and pour in your prepare solution of vinegar and warm water into the tank. Allow the solution to settle for about five to ten minutes. Next, get your sponge, old toothbrush or cloth to scrub any mineral contents that is still left. Rinse the tank thoroughly.

Fourth Step:

Also introduce the vinegar into the humidifier base and leave it to settle for about forty-five minutes. Then as usual, use your cleaning tool (old toothbrush), scrub the base hardly to get off any foreign minerals particles. You know the ones that cause mold and bacteria. YUCK!

Try to repeat step 1 – step four every three days after the use of your humidifier system. This will really add more to your busy day activities but it’s worth it

Fifth Step:

Consider cleaning filters, if your humidifier uses one. Although many see cleaning of filter as a waste of time instead they prefer buying new ones but in the nutshell, humidifier filters can be clean!

How to clean your humidifier filter?

  1. Mix together thoroughly equal vinegar portion and water a big container that can contain the filter and allow it to soak for up to 45 minutes to one hour.
  2. Thoroughly check the humidifier filter for dirt and mineral deposits. if you still notice traces of particles then put back to the mixture.
  3. Finally rinse filter with water and let it dry completely.

Know it, filters that are dirty makes humidifier to function less. So for effective performance of your humidifier, check filters regularly. You have to squeeze it to your weekly chores of cleaning the filters as required. Also know it; if you’re using hard water for you humidifier then you will have to be doing regular cleaning of the filters.

Sixth Step:

After following the above steps on to clean the humidifier, you can as well sanitize the humidifier by introducing 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide composition.

Other important tips to keeping a clean humidifier

If it is possible, try using distilled water because it contain low mineral particles unlike your direct tap water.

Even though humidifier is very beneficial to healthy living but can also be a medium where bacterial and mold can use to invade the home if not properly maintained and care for. we believe with the basic step discuss above on to how to clean a humidifier would be helpful to you when you decide to clean your own air humidifier.

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