How to Avoid Pet Dander, Pet Hair, Pet Allergies Problem?

How to Avoid Pet Dander, Pet Hair,pet AllergiesProblem?Although you so much value your pets but it’s also vital to realize the facts that furry animals can activate pet allergies in the air you inhale. Regardless of how much time you spent in pet bath or groomed, indoor air pollution can still take place except you do certain techniques to keep this from occurring. Besides you don’t want to jeopardize the health of your household along the way.

Facts about Pets and Indoor Air Quality Issues

All breed of animals with feather or fur such as dogs and cats get rid of tiny pieces of skin known as pet dander. They are microscopic substance that can lead to allergic reactions to many. When breathed, dander from pet may trigger symptoms such as sneezing or runny nose and cold. In addition, people suffering from asthma may be more affected because of the air that has been contaminated.

According to facts by specialists, it was discovered that there are up to 100Million pets in the US. Unluckily, 15% of homeowners who have pets experience allergic reaction as result of the fur and dander give off by cats or dogs. Moreover, who have been who have been diagnosed with allergies caused by pets own these animals in their household.

In some events, pet allergies do not show right away and almost 50% of these individual may not show any symptoms. The duration of time before symptoms are physically manifest including coughing, sneezing, breathing difficulty and fever signs may linger for years in some cases of pet allergies. However, if you think there are some allergies signs from pets that you may be experiencing, it is wise to take some practical steps to stop foster vulnerability from these air pollutants.

How to Have a Pet-dander-free Life?

To prevent allergies reaction from pets without actually getting rid of your friendly pets, the following are some things you can do.

1. Ensure you properly vacuum home furniture which are more prone to accumulation and buildup of pet dander such as the seats, couch, bed and other susceptible areas in your house.

2. Regular pets bath but try as much to use organic and chemical free soap or shampoo. by so doing, you can minimize air pollutant that come from cleansing substance, which contributes to the number of allergens in the atmosphere apart from pet dander.

3. Make it a habit to wash your hands properly after playing with your pets to prevent movement of pets’ fur and dander to several places in the home. Try also informing the members of your family to adhere to this practice, in order to engage everyone keeping the home devoid of pollutants that may cause allergies.

4. The air passages which help to keep your home air clean should be thoroughly cleaned up. This will effectively keep the air passages assuring quality of indoor air. If it is possible you installed HEPA air filter in your home will help prevents a great amount of allergens moving about in your home air.

Final words

Even though it is a rule for pets to shed fur and dander always, you can also try to avoid health problems that may be caused by these air pollutants. It does not cost much but required cleanliness, using the right pets cleaning products, including adequate air ducts maintenance or HEPA filter installation to ensure your home have clean air all the time. Can humidifier helps in pet dander? Find details here


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