How to get rid of muscles sore?

Recent years many trainers suffer from sore muscles. Few have been able to find solution to their problem but many are yet to know how to get rid of muscles sore even after vigorous training that causes them to stay off from exercising for months. The good news is, there are plenty of natural remedies you can use without side effect.

How to get rid of muscles sore?

Muscles sore is common among those who do muscle training. So if you have been doing a vigorous training lately but yet to suffer this condition there might be possibility of it occurring soonest. And if you are already having sore muscles does not mean you should quit exercising besides exercising is good for healthy living. There are numbers of ways to get rid of them discussed below:

Ice solution

 rid of muscles soreThe normal ice cube thus reduces sore muscles inflammation. After your vigorous training, in the first 3 days it is best to begin the use of ice cube if you think you may probably end up having sore muscles to lessen soreness of the muscles. After the first 3 days of treating the sore muscles for about 10 – 30 minutes.

You can then start to include many of the other 9 ways below to help reduce muscle soreness by increasing circulation.


Massaging helps to ease tension of the sore muscles, only if you can pay for an expert who can do it.How to get rid of sore muscles?

Hire an Active Release Technique therapy professional to hasten quick relief of the soreness.

If you are lucky your spouse or friend can help do the massage but if you can’t get anyone investing in an electric handheld massager, foam roller or massage stick will be another alternative.

However, whatever technique you adopt, ensures you massage your muscles for about 15 to 20 minutes to quickly help reduce the effect of muscles soreness after a tough raining.


This effectively helps to eliminate soreness of muscles by secreting more blood in the affected area which helps in speeding up healing. Heat also assists to release stiffness while relaxing the muscles. Alternatively apply heat to your muscles sore by taking a hot shower or bath for about 10 minutes using hot tub or heat packs.

Epsom salt baths

solution to sore musclesTaking a warm shower or bath for about ten to twenty minutes using up to 200 – 400g of Epsom salt gives additional relaxation from soreness of muscles; reduce inflammation by accelerating blood circulation to the muscles area. Epsom salt shower in addition prevents bloating and thus help you have a flatter tummy.

If you cannot use the bath method of the Epsom salt treatment, you can as well soak a piece of cloth in a solution containing Epsom salt and then place the warm cloth on the sore muscles which also helps to decrease soreness of muscles.

Cherry Juice

According research, it was discover that Cherry juice contains anthocvanins and flavoniods. These two compounds help to heal sore muscles. Also two British thesis also confirmed that cherry juice accelerate recovery from tough exercising.

Increase Protein

If you’re just beginning a new exercise routine or you’re just through with a stressful exercise not used to you, ensue to take foods that of more protein afterward. If meat or vegetable is not within your reach within that period, taken supplement of protein is a good well to keep the muscles.

Deriving the additional protein will make you recover quickly. A marines study done depicts that protein intake after an intense workout plan lessens sore muscles the next day.

Foam Rolling

Foam roller is a stiff cylinder shaped object that lets you to help yourself with a basic massage.

The fascia tissue which interconnect the entire body runs in-between the muscles, so once it loses, the muscles will become more loose and more easy to stretch. It helps when you foam a roll to warm up and recover after your daily workout.

Stay Hydrated to Get Rid of Sore Muscles Fast

Taking plenty of water daily is also important as it helps flash out waste and poison from your bloodstream. Make it a hobby to consume up to 2 liters of water daily

Drinking Vitamin C

Vitamin C intake is another healthy solution that help muscle repair faster.

Drink Green tea

You can as well drink green tea and other anticancer agents in the likes of cranberry, pomegranate and vegetable juices

Get Enough Solid Fats

Consuming foods that are rich in solids fat will help your sore throat heal faster. you can try combining blend nuts, fish oils, nut margarine’s and avocados in your diet. you can also try the Omega-3 fats which help to fight free radicals and relieve irritation that’s associated with mouth south

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