External hemorrhoid treatment

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Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that develop within and around the recta and the anus. This mostly occurs as a result of bowel movements. When the veins get swollen, the walls become thin and stretched and get irritated. People who are suffering external form of hemorrhoids will largely find it extremely uneasy. In some cases, in the swollen areas blood clots may be formed consequently leading to thrombosis, a painful state. By developing thrombosis, the swelling will become yellow or blue and can also result to bleeding. This development might make get you panicky; nevertheless, if left untreated, the condition will settle itself in about a week time. All the same, if the pain increases persistently and becomes unendurable it’s wise to consult a doctor’s help. If pain gets too severe and anal bleeding happens, it’s imperative you seek medical help because this is a sign of life threatening state. A complete evaluation from your personal physician will be highly a necessity.

Possible Symptoms of External Hemorrhoid Thrombosis

Here are some of the symptoms that show possibility of someone having external hemorrhoid thrombosis:

What causes External Hemorrhoid Thrombosis?

External form of hemorrhoids affects all ages and more than half of the people will develops it at one time in their life time. Still, this condition is more common among pregnant women and in the older people.

Although researches is yet to prove what actually is the real cause of external hemorrhoid thrombosis but is assumed to be as a result of weaker veins and genetic factors and others.

Another factor that is also believed may lead to external thrombosis is diet. An individual who consume foods rich in fiber are less likely to suffer hemorrhoids to those who consumed processed food.

Also inadequate fluids intake may lead to constipation which later activates external hemorrhoids by inducing straining whenever you toilet and by passing out hard stools this may further worsen the condition.

 External Hemorrhoid Thrombosis Treatment

In handling this situation, there are number of external hemorrhoids thrombosis treatment available. The most common treatment are the non-surgical hemorrhoids treatments such like the use of stool softeners, increasing your fluids intake and intake of fiber foods daily and practicing warm baths.

In addition, there are recent and speedier treatment methods available as of today and these are topical nifedipine. This treatment method provides better and faster result compare to the ointment from lidocaine which has been the most preferred method for external hemorrhoids for many years.

Undergoing surgical operation is also solution way to treat external hemorrhoids thrombosis. This is especially the situation if it’s a severe condition. This surgical operation can be carried out in the doctor’s clinic or in an outpatients department of a hospital. The outcome for people who uses surgery option is quick result and offer high outcome of satisfaction and acceptance among the patients.

After your doctor evaluation, they will recommend the best method of treatment for your external hemorrhoids thrombosis. Depending on the current state whether mild, moderate or serious, the right treatment option will be recommended. Learn how to get rid of hemroids fast naturally – 11 home remedies

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