Bionaire Ultrasonic Humidifier, BUL7933CT Review

The Bionaire Ultrasonic Filter-Free Tower Humidifier review here  is one of the machines to consider if you are in need of an ultrasonic humidifier to add humidity to your home. In addition, if you are having space problem in your home and you still want to humidify likewise. The Bionaire Ultrasonic Humidifier is a perfect choice that will put an end to limited home space.

This Bionaire Ultrasonic attractive design will complement your home settings. Why most humidifiers needs constant cleaning and maintenance. This BUL7933CT model will not take much of your time in getting it cleaned  up with minimal maintenance.

Bionaire Ultrasonic Humidifier, BUL7933CT review

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Features at glance

Description of the Bionaire Ultrasonic Features

1. Antimicrobial Protection

This feature is infused directly inside the water tanks which help prevents bacteria growth that causes odors, and stains. All these things can adversely affect the overall performance of the machine.

2. Programmable Digital Humidistat

For easy operation of the machine. The  Ultrasonic  humidifier is equipped with LCD digital humidity display, where you can view the current home humidity levels and then digitally set your desired humidity level as wanted. You can as well keep an eye on the tank level, timer and the features of the machine.

3. PureQuiet Visible Mist

The Bionaire Pure Quiet Visible mist is medical practitioner recommended. It is good for larger rooms and provides anti-micro-organism products protection. You can customize your comfort by using the programmable digital humidistat and the 24 hours timer.

4. Automatic Convenience

The twenty four timer feature will automatically shuts your humidifier off for worry free usage.


Reasonable priced unit, required less space placement and easy cleaning, automatic humidistat for humidity level control. It’s very quiet, so won’t keep you awake at night either.


The water tank output may not be good for some users but generally, ultrasonic models of humidifiers don’t come with big tanks like the heating models.

Final Thought

with the Bioniare ultrasonic humidifier you need little maintenance cost, cheap, has features every other of its competitors has. On the market, it is one of the popular humidifying system yow find.

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