9 Increasing Facts of How Low Humidity Affects Your Health

Here we are going to look at how low humidity affects your health. We shall starts by defining some keywords in the topic so as to get a clear idea of what the topic is driving at.  What is humidity? Humidity can be simply be defined as the amount of moisture (water) in the air. What then is health? It is simply a state of well-being. It is commonly know that water contains an amount of air and that air also contains a certain amount of water. Unless you are living in a natural arid, dry or hot area. It is advised that you avoid air with low humidity (air that doesn’t contain enough water).

Low humidity affects our health negatively. Some of the effects are:

Stress the lungs

how low humidity Stress the lungs

Low humidity stresses the lungs in the sense that when the air is dry, only little amount of oxygen is contained in such air. And it is a known fact that oxygen is needed for life. So the moment the body can’t get enough water air, such an individual is forced to breath deeper and heavier and such actions stresses the lungs and could lead to health complication.

Eye irritation

how low humidity Eye irritation

Low humidity leads to eye irritation as people are prone to frequent blinking in areas with little or no humidity, and such frequent blinking  causes more loss of water from the eye which already has loss of water makes the eyes easily irritated from things like dust or dirty finger used in scratching the eye.  This causes eye irritation.


how low humidity leads to Dehydration

Low humidity contributes to dehydration because the body is forced to use other fluids to make up for water lost in the air or atmosphere. That is why people get thirstier and drink more water in places with low humidity.

Eye dryness

how low humidity leads to Eye dryness

We all know that eye has a protective covering that’s made of fluid. it is seen by everybody without the use of any special machine or equipment, in an area with low humidity, this protective covering gradually dry up as the body tries to conserve water and make up for the water it (body) is losing. This lead to quick eye infection as the protective infection has become too thin to protect the eyes.

Risk of respiratory infections

Risk of respiratory infections

It has been scientifically studied and proves that respiratory infection risk is increased in an area with low humidity.  This is because it allows for easy breaking of the skin. And a broken skin is an easily spreads and contacts, infections and disease. Respiratory tracts are dry. E.g. the nose has a protective amount of mucus that prevents dust and harmful bacteria from getting into the respiratory tract but when the humidity is low, this mucus dries up and dust and other bacteria gets into the respiratory  tracts and causes different problems ranging from frequent sneezing to respiratory  infections.

Shallow breathe

Shallow breathe

Low humidity causes shallow breathing, this is caused by lack of water in the air which results in a friction like situation whereby the individual breathes but doesn’t seem to be getting enough oxygen. It could lead to asthmatic attack.

Water loss

It is said that two-third of the earth is made up of water and 75% of the body is made of fluids. And our daily activities and the functioning  of the body use fluids which would converts glycogen to sugar when its need it to make up for shortage, so the body takes fluid to make up for fluid shortage it couldn’t get from the atmosphere or from the air. And this leads to water loss which could lead to dehydration which could result to stroke and other health complication. However, if you are living in a low humidified area try to get a whole home humidifier so as to avoid all these complication.

Increases influenza transmission

Increases influenza transmission

Low humidity facilitates influenza and flu transmission as influenza and flu have a dominant presence when moisture is low in the air and such can easily spread and transmitted. We all know that influenza and flu are airborne so low humidity aids their spread of transmission and risks on contacting such infections.

Skin dryness

how lo humidity cauases skin dryness

Just as it is seen and know that people skin in arid or hot regions are usually dry and hot, it should be added also contributes to it. In the areas with low humidity skin dryness is one of it effect. And the effects of a dry skin on one’s health are numerous.

In conclusion, it is advised able for one in an area with good humidity and if it is not possible such person’s should buy a humidifier.

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